Grand Canyon
"How we treat ourselves affects others, how we treat other affects us"
"We are all in this world together, effecting each others lives"
"Love is shown through "knowing" acts of loving kindness"
"Learn what your partner likes and do that. Tell your partner what you like"
"A measure of a good relationship is not just how well you get along, but how well you can resolve your differences"
"Differences can best be resolved by being teammates and having good will"
"The most important virtue for a lasting relationship is patience"
"Sometimes waiting is the best thing we can do"
"One definition of mental health is the realization that you have choices"
"Recognizing that you have choices gives you freedom"
"Wisdom is understanding consequences"
"With an open mind and heart you can see consequences coming"

About Me

I like to think of my clients and me working as a team to figure things out. Therapy works best as a collaborative effort.


I see individuals and families ranging from teenagers to the elderly.

Book Launch!

On June 1st, 2012 I launched my first book.  See the book page for purchasing options.

Recent News

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I am not a sit back and nod my head therapist. If you are ready to work give me a call.